Instructions for installing, updating and using afPlonk.

afPlonk is a greasemonkey script. Greasemonkey is a firefox extension that runs custom scripts based on where the user is on the web. This script allows users of the website to block users whom they find annoying or offensive. GPL licensed by me. Feel free to use it and update it. Just don't take credit for it and I'd appreciate it if you do modify it, if you can send me any updates. cheers, dave.

This only works in firefox.

you need to download greasemonkey. get it from firefox addons (tools> manage add ons> browser for new addons, search for greasemonkey.)

then download the script: (right click the link, select "Save Link As")

afPlonk stands for adobeforums Plonk

"Plonk" is a Usenet jargon term for adding a particular poster to one's kill file such that the poster's future postings are completely ignored. It was first used in 1989 and by 1994 was a commonly used term on Usenet regarding kill file additions. See: for more information.

  • save it to your desktop.
  • edit it with wordpad or notepad or your favorite text editor.
  • replace the string "Some Jerk" with the name you want to ignore. add more names like this: "Some Jerk","Some Jerk2","Some Jerk3" etc.
  • save that file. leave the file as it. must be a straight text document, not rtf, not doc, or whatever. leave the name as is. it should be called: "afPlonk.user.js"
  • right click that file on your desktop.
  • select "Open With"
  • browse for firefox.exe (should be in something like C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe)

    if greasemonkey is enabled, you'll see a prompt telling you that you're about to install a script. go for it.

    happy plonking.

    (ff mac users, should be very similar. use a text editor to add names. then open the script with firefox and it should load.)