Hi. Welcome to milbut.org.
Just getting started... bear with me please! :)

Some smileys I've collected. And my first attempt at PHP. Nice. Have fun!

some other sites by dave, until I consolodate:
My aol page
My GeoCities page
My Tripod page
Some cool smilies to use

Some stuff:
  • An Elegy for Casey
  • Tribute to John Lennon
  • Kings Ransom demo for the St. Joe's battle of the bands. My high school band, circa 1982ish. Large MP3 file.
  • Mom's (Lucy) Shrimp Creole recipie. Scanned from the original 1950's era cookbook. PDF.
    Photoshop Stuff:
  • ZIP file of the Photoshop 4.01 update.
  • RTF file containing a ton of photoshop tips and links
  • A Photoshop action file (ATN) that creates a new image, sizes it according to the image in the clipboard, and pastes the clipboard contents into the image.

    afPlonk is a greasemonkey script. Greasemonkey is a firefox extension that runs custom scripts based on where the user is on the web. This script allows users of the adobeforums.com website to block users whom they find annoying or offensive. GPL licensed by me. Feel free to use it and update it. Just don't take credit for it and I'd appreciate it if you do modify it, if you can send me any updates. cheers, dave.

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